Substance Abuse Treatment

Selecting the correct substance abuse treatment plan for you is the first step towards recovery if you are dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you are not familiar with all your options however that can be a difficult decision for you to make.
This article will explain your different options for you. This should make choosing the right plan for you easier.
Let’s start with that now.

Who is substance abuse meant for?

If your life seems to be spinning out of control due to substance abuse addictions to alcohol or drugs, then treatment is for you. If you are experiencing problems with any of the following symptoms seek help:
• Strong cravings
• Problems with work
• Wanting to quit but feeling powerless
• Loss of interest in life
• Lack of responsibility

What are some of the different types of substance abuse treatments?

While there are many different treatments for substance abuse, detox should be your first step towards recovery. Detox rids your body of all the harmful toxins that you have put in it. It will help you get a head start on long-term treatment.
After completing detox these are some of the choices you have to continue your treatment:
• PHPs
• IOPs
• Inpatient rehab
• Outpatient rehab
• Dual diagnosis treatment
• Couples rehab
• Non-12-step therapy
• Pet-friendly care
• And others

What is the right treatment plan for me and my goals?

Everyone has different needs and goals. There really is no right or wrong or one size fits all when choosing the plan that fits you. The plan you choose should be the one that you feel will provide you with the most support possible during your recovery treatment.
If you do not want to live at a facility while receiving your treatment, then an outpatient plan will be better than an inpatient plan for you. If you do not agree with the philosophy of a 12-step plan a non-12-step plan may be more fitting for your needs.
Help is available for you if you are ready for the next step but are not sure which plan to choose for your recovery journey. Let our professional staff assist you in making your decision.
OC Rise Addiction Treatment can customize a plan perfect for your recovery needs
If getting healthier and winning your fight with substance abuse is what you seek then give us a call. Let our staff of professionals help you choose the correct plan for you. Why wait?