Alcohol Detox

We have put together this literature to help clear the air about Alcohol Detox treatment. If this is your first time going through Alcohol Detox, then it can be a bit scary for some. While we understand the concerns you might have regarding the treatment, the treatment is still a necessary first step in your process of getting sober.
You may be feeling like your addiction to alcohol is not severe enough to warrant the detox phase of your process because you do not drink as much as others. Let us assure you that it is necessary to your recovery no matter how much you may or may not drink.

What Is Alcohol Detox?

Detox in in of itself is the process your body must go through while it’s neglected of whatever substance that you have been abusing. Alcohol Detox is no different.
When you choose to abuse a substance, your body gets so used to it that your body relies on that substance to function properly. The detox phase of your recovery is needed so that your body finds a new normal. It must remind itself what life was like before the abuse.

Does My Alcohol Detox Have To Be Done In An In House Environment?

It is never a good idea to try and detox yourself. Even though you may feel strong enough to complete the detox, the chances of it being successful are low.
There is a much greater chance that detoxing on your own will lead to relapsing. How easy would it be to simply head to the fridge or take a trip to the store to ease the cravings that you will have while your body is detoxing. It would be pretty hard to resist those cravings and other symptoms that you will be experiencing during that time if you try to do it alone.
Some of the symptoms that you will experience during your detox will require the knowledge of a trained professional. These symptoms can be so severe that they could in fact be terminal if left untreated.
Our staff has helped many before you go through the detox process. We are well equipped to handle any needs that you may have. We are dedicated to making this process as easy and as comfortable as possible for you. Ask yourself if you can provide that same level of care while trying to go through detox alone at home?

How Long Does Alcohol Detox Usually Last For Most?

A variety of factors can help determine how long it may take your body to complete the Alcohol Detox phase of your treatment.
• Your specific genetic factors
• Your gender and age
• How much your body relied on alcohol
• And lots more
All these factors combined make it very difficult to correctly predict a timeline for everyone.
A good rule of thumb however would be about 3 days for most patients with an average alcohol abuse problem. You can expect to start noticing withdrawal symptoms usually within 4 to 6 hours after you have had your last drink. The worst symptoms however will not be noticed until you are about 1 day into your detox.

OC Rise Addiction Treatment Can Help You Start Your Alcohol Detox Today

If you feel like it may be time to start your detox from alcohol dependency, please give us a call. Let one of our professional counsellors or staff members help you get started on your journey to sobriety today.
Let one of our counsellors customize a plan for your needs. Our staff can also help make sure that your insurance will cover your treatment. Together we can win your battle with addiction to alcohol and Alcohol Detox is the first step. Give one of our specialists a call. Why wait any longer?