Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

MAT is among one of several different treatment plans for you to choose from when you make the decision to get sober. If you have been struggling with substance abuse and feel like it is the right time for you to seek help with your addiction, then MAT may be an option for you to explore.
Not sure exactly what MAT is? It is okay we will be glad to explain it. Please continue to read this literature to find out more about MAT and whether it will be an option that could be the right fit for you.

What Is MAT Exactly?

MAT is short for medication-assisted treatment. This treatment option combines medication with your regular therapy treatments to help you in your recovery.
MAT is designed to ease withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with your recovery. The medication should increase the chances of you not relapsing. MAT is mostly used to help those patients who are addicted to the more intense drugs like heroin.

Is MAT The Right Choice For Me?

That answer depends on the seriousness of your substance abuse. MAT could be the right option for you but then again it may not be.
If you have had substance abuse issues with opioids, alcohol, and other stimulants then MAT may be the plan you are looking for. Patients with stronger addictions to these types of substances are usually good candidates for this program. Medication assisted treatment may be perfect for your recovery if you have these more severe addictions.
At the end of the day a counselor’s professional advice should be what you rely on to make the decision if MAT will work for you. Contact a specialist and see what they suggest after evaluating your circumstances.

What Should Stand Out To Me In A MAT Plan?

Medication to help curve cravings and withdrawal symptoms can be administered by any facility that you choose to seek help from. Therefore, the main differences between facilities will be what amenities and other therapy options that they offer to go along with the medications.
It is important to choose treatment facilities who employ lots of experienced staff and counselors. The wisdom they will have to help you customize your treatment plan could not only make your recovery more effective in the long run but also save you time and money as well. This experience will ultimately help you achieve your goals more efficiently.
It may also be wise to check the treatment facilities who offer other supplemental types of therapies. Group based therapies and holistic healing will provide you with further opportunities as well.

Let OC Rise Addiction Treatment Help You Get Started Customizing Your MAT plan

Please let OC Rise Addiction Treatment help you with your substance abuse plan if you have chosen a medication-assisted treatment option. Our counselors are dedicated to your wellbeing.
Our staff will be glad to help you decide if MAT is the best option for your recovery and customize a treatment plan that works best for achieving your goals.
Most patients can not afford to pay completely out of pocket for the cost of a treatment plan. That is why our staff is on hand to guide you through payment options and help verify your insurance coverage.
Reaching out to one of our staff members is your next step. Even if you are not ready to get started with treatment today let one of our counselors help you navigate your options and customize a plan that is right for you in advance. Why wait any longer? Call us today.