Sober Living

A sober living home can be very beneficial to your recovery after you have finished your initial detox and treatment plans.
If you are not familiar with what a sober living home is, then continue reading as we explain to you what you can expect during your time at sober living.
Just what exactly is sober living?
Sober living homes are a safe place to call home while continuing your recovery from substance abuse addiction. These homes provide a place for you to live that will help you hold yourself accountable for your actions and also ensure that you are making wise decisions during your recovery.
Your time spent in a sober living facility will depend on your recovery. How well you are dealing with your cravings and what kind of choices that you make for yourself during your time their will reflect on when you will be ready to go back to life as usual.

At what point can I start living in a sober living facility?

You will first need to have completed a long-term treatment plan. Sober living homes are a transition step between your treatment and actually living life like normal again.
You can however choose to move into a sober living home while you are still going through your intensive care though.
If your counselor believes that a PHP or IOP will work best for your recovery then that can be completed at a sober living facility. Say you do not have much of a support system at home. You can use a sober living home as your support system so that you still have the freedom to not live full-time in a treatment facility.

Is sober living covered by my insurance plan?

Sober living homes are not usually covered by insurance unfortunately. However, if you by chance have a plan that includes such things as substance abuse then your insurance plan may cover the cost for you.
You should take into consideration that you will not be paying rent to live somewhere else while living in a sober living facility. When you think of it this way it may be more likely to fit into your self-pay budget.

Let’s get started with sober living rehab today.

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