Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is one of several different treatment options that are available to your healing process. When you are ready to seek help from a professional, please consider us.
The benefits of the support you will receive from a dual diagnosis treatment plan can not be recreated. The information found in this article should be of great help to you when making your decision on which treatment is best for your situation.

How Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment Best Described?

Some patients may not only be struggling with substance abuse but mental illness as well. For this reason, it is important to treat both for better end results in your recovery. A dual diagnosis treatment plan can offer that for you.
If your substance abuse problems are indeed fueled by a mental illness issue, then treating the substance abuse by itself will most likely not be successful. The chances that you will relapse from your recovery are much higher and will undoubtedly create a never-ending cycle of failure.
The treatment that you will receive from a dual diagnosis plan is specifically designed to help you with your substance abuse and mental illnesses in tandem. Once our counsellors have determined how your mental health issues directly affect your substance abuse problems it will be much easier for them to choose a plan of attack tailored just for your needs.

Who Should Choose Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Dual diagnosis treatment is specifically designed to help anyone with both mental health issues and substance abuse problems. This treatment plan works great for patients struggling with mental health issues such as
• Bipolar disorders
• Depression
• Eating disorders
• Borderline personality disorders
• Anxiety
Dual diagnosis treatments could be a perfect fit for you if you are dealing with any of the problems listed above. Let one of our professionals at Crossroads Health Center in Huntsville Alabama help get you on the path to your recovery today.

What Can I Expect During Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

The same amount of time that will be spent on your substance abuse problems will also be spent on your mental health issues.
You will be working directly with a counsellor one on one. During this process the counsellor as well as you will be determining how your mental ill health is tied to your substance abuse. This will allow you both to decide a healthy path that you can take to move forward towards your recovery.
You will most likely be able to benefit from not only traditional treatment but also holistic treatments during this time. Those treatments may include meditation and yoga as well as time spent outdoors depending on the treatment facility that you decide on for your recovery.

OC Rise Addiction Treatment Makes It Easier For You To Get Started With Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Do you believe that a dual diagnosis treatment plan is right for you? If you do the easiest way to get started is by reaching out for help from one of our professionals.
The professionals here are dedicated to helping you verify your insurance coverage. They can also answer any questions that you may have about the recovery process and choosing a dual diagnosis plan that is right for you to ensure that your long-term recovery goals are achieved.
Why should you wait any longer? Give us a call and let us help you get started today.