Non 12 Step Rehab

Some patients may not have faith in the philosophy of the 12-step process of recovery. That is okay if you do not because there are many different types of addiction treatment. It is important for you to know however that the 12-step program is the basis for many of the options that you have to choose from in your recovery.
If you do not believe in the 12-step philosophy for rehab there are some non 12-step programs for you to choose from that might be a better fit for you.
In the section below we will explain to you what to look for in a non 12-step rehab program.

What is non-12-step rehab?

Programs that do not rely on the 12-steps can be considered non-12-step programs. The 12-step philosophy includes ideals like:
• A higher power is needed to be involved in your rehabilitation.
• Your addiction possesses powers that you cannot overcome

The non-12-step approach encourages more self-reliance when overcoming substance abuse. These programs will not include higher powers.
Are 12-step programs more effective than non-12-step programs?
Thousands of people have won their battle with addiction with both types of programs. Neither one is better than the other. At the end of the day recovery is the main goal and you can achieve that goal with either plan.
This means the final decision is really up to your needs as an individual. Whatever you prefer most is what you should choose.

How do I determine if a non-12-step would work best for me?

At the end of the day the final decision between the two is your decision to make. They both include these types of therapies.
• Holistic healing therapy
• Individual sessions
• Group sessions
How your counselor chooses to treat you as an individual is the only real difference.
During therapy sessions using the 12-step program philosophy your therapists will concentrate on getting you to give up control over your substance abuse and allowing a higher power to help you. A therapist using the non-12-step approach will provide you with the tools to take back control of your life from the substance abuse.
Ultimately what works best for you is what you should choose. There is no right or wrong.

OC Rise Addiction Treatment makes the process of getting started with your non-12-step plan easy for our patients.

If you decide that starting a recovery program now is right for you we would love to help you.
If you are just getting started or you have been working towards recovery for a while we are dedicated to helping you choose a plan that helps you take the next step. We have professionals waiting to customize your non-12-step plan waiting to talk to you now.
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