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Welcome to OC Rise Addiction Treatment, where we provide Outpatient treatment for Behavioral Health as well as Drug and Alcohol Rehab Therapy

    The staff members and counselors here at OC Rise Addiction Treatment are dedicated to ensuring that we provide you with a customized treatment plan that can help you live your life without the burden of Mental Health issues or Substance Abuse Addiction. Located in Irvine, Orange County, California, we provide a relaxing environment and all the amenities that Southern California has to offer.

    Our hope is to provide you with the means necessary to make your transition to a life of Sober living as easy as possible. If you are searching for a new and more effective way to reach your Substance Abuse and Mental Health goals OC Rise Addiction Treatment can help.

    You no longer have to face this journey alone. Our Outpatient Rehab treatment methods have proven themselves time and again to have positive outcomes to your Addiction Treatment needs.


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Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Programs

Detox Services

Detox Services

As one of the Southeast’s most elite Outpatient Rehab programs we have at our disposal some of the top Detox treatments available in the United States. Our facilities and methods have proven to be second to none. After you have successfully completed your detox treatment our staff will focus on finding the best methods of treatment tailored just for you.

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Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient

 The IOP’s or Intensive Outpatient Programs we offer here at OC Rise Addiction Treatment are designed to help you maintain your sobriety in your everyday life. They provide you with educational support as well as a variety of therapeutic programs while you make your transition back into everyday working and living environment.

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Partial Hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization

     If freedom is something that is important to you our Partial Hospitalization program just might be what you are looking for. This program allows you to spend your nights in the comfort of your bed while receiving therapy during the day within our facility. Partial Hospitalization is like having the best of both worlds while moving towards a life of sobriety.

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OC Rise Addiction Treatment Is a name you can trust

    OC Rise Addiction Treatment is more than just a name to us. It was chosen to represent us on a much deeper level. At OC Rise, we are here for you and your specific needs. Battling Drug or Alcohol addiction or living with a mental health illness is never easy and should not be faced alone. Let us design a path to living your best life and achieving your goal of sobriety. All it takes is a phone call.


Optimized Plans for Recovery

    We here at OC Rise believe that recovery can also be achieved by sometimes looking outside the box. Orange County has plenty to offer in an outside environment. Why not go for a walk or visit a local park while participating in treatment programs. There are no written laws saying that all your treatment has to take place inside.

You can also take advantage of our exercise and yoga classes. Why not maximize your time spent here with us not only getting healthy spiritually and mentally but physically as well.

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We are committed to your recovery


Here at OC Rise, your treatment plan is based on your specific needs. Those needs are sure to be met when using customized treatment plans to help you achieve them. We believe our methods of therapy both traditional and holistic can help support your recovery needs.

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Understand Your Needs

Custom Outpatient Treatment Plan

Our outlook

    We’re also committed to your recovery needs every step of the way throughout your personalized treatment process. Using evidence-based plans to help support your recovery that helps heal not only the mind but the body and soul as well.

    No matter what treatment is deemed necessary to fulfill your specific needs we will be there to support you while you break the chains of addiction. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and live your best life. Contact us today for more information and hopefully to begin your recovery journey.

Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Tailored Just For You


Outpatient rehab programs here at OC Rise Addiction Treatment will help you maintain your sobriety while making the transition back into everyday life. You will receive therapy from our counsellors here at the center as well as attending meetings daily and weekly to hold yourself accountable for not only your individual actions but also the places and predicaments you choose to put yourself in and around. This step of your recovery comes after you have completed all the detox and in house recovery steps in your treatment plan.

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Dual Diagnosis

Mental health illnesses can also play a role in your addiction healing process. This is why OC Rise offers dual diagnosis treatments. This is also why we choose to customize every treatment plan based on the needs of each individual patient. If your mental health isn’t addressed and treated along with your addiction you will be more likely to relapse and end up back at square one again.

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MAT Program

Our Medication-Assisted Treatment programs are designed to help patients with addictions to Heroin or more serious drug addictions. These programs assist in curving the cravings and withdrawal symptoms that occur during the detox and recovery of these specific patients. These more serious addictions are also met with more intense therapy sessions with our counsellors designed to help with these patient’s needs.

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Personized Mental Health Treatment

     Our mental health treatment plans are designed to help our patients from both an inpatient and outpatient plan of treatment options. We believe that the counsellors here at OC RIse can better treat your addiction this way. This more targeted approach to treatment helps support patients who are seeking to better their lives. Call us now for more information.

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Modern and Private Counselling Offices and Outpatient Departments

    Our Outpatient facilities are centrally located in Orange County and Irvine California making them a convenient commute for patients within that region as well as offering an International Airport if you live outside our region. Orange County offers the convenience of plenty of parks and nature trails to get away and clear your mind.

Plenty of places and opportunities for work, dining, and relaxing while you tackle your addictions head on and learn to reinvent yourself for life after substance abuse or mental illness.

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We Accept Most PPO Insurance Plans

     The cost of treatment here at OC Rise varies from patient to patient because each patient’s plan is customized to meet their specific needs. Some treatment plans will cost more than others because of the resources needed to meet the needs of the patient. We are more than willing to work with most insurance companies to make sure your plans cover your needs in your recovery plan.

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    What is rehab really like?

    If this happens to be your first trip to a rehabilitation facility it can be a little intimidating. The good news is that it is not as bad as you may think. In fact, the rehab process with it’s customized treatment plans can even be enjoyable and relaxing if you choose the right facility.

    The Outpatient therapy process here at OC Rise allows you to be distraction free of everyday life while you focus on getting yourself healthy. A typical day in  therapy can consist of walks and other activities outside and spending time with other patients talking or sharing their experiences during recovery.

    Your treatment may not be an easy process, but you should still pursue help to rid yourself of addiction regardless. Find something within the program that has a positive effect on your life.


    How long will I spend in rehab for alcohol or drug abuse?

    At OC Rise our Alcohol & Drug rehab and Partial Hospitalization programs can last typically about 3 months. While going through our programs you should set aside at least 30 hours a week or more for your treatment.

    While you are not required to stay confined to our facilities during your addiction treatment, we would like to ask that you set aside your daytime hours to spend talking with our counsellors and getting yourself healthy.


    What are the differences between inpatient and outpatient rehab programs?

        While there are differences between the two treatment plans both plans provide positive outcomes when dealing with the recovery process. Both these plans deserve your consideration when you are making decisions to customize your treatment.