Rehab For Teens

Substance abuse effects people of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds.
1 million teens struggle with substance abuse annually. Sadly, teens substance abuse is often overlooked and left untreated.
The best option for your teen is a treatment plan customized to meet their needs or a rehab for teens. If you would like your teen to receive treatment, please let us help you get started. Keep reading this article to find out why rehab for teens could help your child win their battle against substance abuse.

What can we expect from a rehab for teens program?

There are many similarities in rehab for teens and adult rehab programs. They include:
• Holistic healing therapies like meditation and yoga
• Mental health support
• One on one therapy for substance abuse
• Group Therapy
Treatment plans are not a one size fits all scenario. That is why the treatment that a teen receives will be different then that of an adult. A teen has different perspectives on life. Therefore, it is important for them to receive treatment tailored for their outlooks on life. A teen receiving treatment for an adult’s perspective might be like you and I trying to understand a foreign language. It just would not make sense to us.

Should my child receive rehab for teens?

While a lot of teens tend to abuse marijuana and alcohol recreationally how should I recognize whether my child needs substance abuse treatment? Here are some behavioral changes to look for:
• Dangerous behavior
• Consistent relapses
• Mental health issues like anxiety or depression
• Isolation and difficulties with school
• Ineffective outpatient treatments
If your teen is having trouble with more than one of these symptoms there is a good chance your child needs professional help. Rehab for teens can be a very effective way to help your child beat their addictions.

What should I look for in a treatment plan for my teen?

Just like adults that seek treatment, there are many choices in therapy facilities for teens to choose from. Most facilities will offer mental health support, therapy sessions, and if needed medication. There are always things to make them stand out from one another though.
Staff experience levels could be a game changer for your choice. You may decide that you would rather your teen work with a more experienced staff. Some facilities may have a less experienced staff to cut overhead costs.
Some facilities may offer holistic healing options. Other facilities may lean toward standard methods of treatment.
OC Rise Addiction Treatment will be glad to help you choose the right option for your teen
Please reach out to our counselors and staff members if you feel your teen needs professional support to treat their substance abuse.
Our team of professionals can help you navigate the insurance verification process. We are also dedicated to finding the perfect plan for your teen.
Rehab for teens may be a great decision for your child’s substance abuse therapy. Let us help you get their life back on track.
Why put this decision off any longer? Give one of our specialists a call today.