Luxury Alcohol and Drug Rehab

You have many different treatment options to decide from when you start the process of choosing the right treatment plan for your needs. One option you have for your recovery treatment journey is a luxury rehab plan.
Join us as we uncover the pros and cons of treatment for addiction and the higher end treatment plan known as luxury rehab. Hopefully you will find this article helpful in deciding whether or not a luxury rehab plan is the best option for you.

Does Luxury Rehab Offer A Better Chance Of Recovery Than The Standard Rehab Plans Do?

If a more comfortable setting for your recovery would be more suitable for your needs, then a Luxury Rehab plan is what you are looking for. A luxury plan is considered to be more personalized than that of a standard plan however it is important for you to know that both plans have the same end result.
The main difference will not be in the core treatment that you receive. The difference that a luxury plan offers comes after the core treatment. In a standard treatment plan you will only receive support during therapy sessions. A luxury plan may also other types of treatment such as
• Special outdoor activities
• Working one on one with a nutrition expert
• Yoga and meditation sessions
• Additional time spent with counsellors and healers

These extra amenities that a luxury rehab plan offers could in fact be more effective to achieving your goals. The comfort level that this plan offers will make it easier for you to focus on healing during your time at rehab. Yes, sometimes more is best.

Are Luxury Rehab Plans Covered By The Insurance That I Have?

The answer to this question is whether or not your luxury rebab facilities is considered to be in network with your insurance provider. In some cases, it will and in some cases it may not.
With that in consideration, some of the rehab cost you will incur could still be covered by your insurance. Your out-of-pocket cost after insurance could be more expensive to you though.

OC Rise Addiction Treatment Would Be Happy To Help You Get Started With Your Luxury Rehab Plan

If a luxury plan is an option that you would like to choose then OC Rise Addiction Treatment would be glad to help you. We offer the best quality and comfort that you will need with hopes that our luxury high end facilities help make your recovery as easy as possible for you.
Let us help you get started today. Our staff can help verify your insurance coverage and help you customize a treatment plan just for you.
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