Pet Friendly Rehab

For many of us our pets are the best healers around. Our entire world revolves around them in many cases.
For this reason, leaving our pets behind is not an option we are willing to accept. It could make our recovery a lot harder dealing with the separation from our pets. That is why pet owners may like the option of a pet friendly rehab facility when choosing the right center. Yes you read this correctly, you can bring your pets along with you while you receive treatment for your substance abuse.
We will include all the details of this recovery option in this article. Please keep reading to learn all you need to know.

Just what is a pet-friendly rehabilitation facility?

These facilities are just your standard treatment facility however they allow you to bring your pet with you. If you do not have a place your pet can stay while you are gone or do not think you can stand being away from your pet while you are attending a treatment facility, then a pet-friendly facility will work for you.

What are some of the benefits that a pet-friendly facility has to offer?

Pets could in fact be beneficial to your recovery. It will be much easier to focus on your recovery if you do not have your pet’s welfare on your mind.
Pets always have a way of making tough times easier. They have a way to help lighten the burdens we carry. The negativity that comes along with cravings and withdrawal symptoms may have less effect on your recovery if your pet is there to comfort you.

Will l still reach the full potential of the treatment program if I decide to bring my pet with me?

Your treatment should not be negatively affected by your pet at all. Most patients in fact will be positively affected if anything. You can focus all of your attention on getting well instead of worrying about your pet.
You will still receive all the same treatments you would have without your pet. The same one on one sessions. The same holistic healing opportunities, and group therapy sessions as well. You will still be able to determine what causes your addiction and how best to deal with it in the future.
The only difference is that you will not have to worry about your pet.
Let OC Rise Addiction Treatment make getting started with your pet friendly rehab treatment easier.
Does a pet friendly treatment option sound appealing to you? Let OC Rise Addiction Treatment help you customize your pet friendly rehab plan and allow you to heal with your pet right there with you every step of the way.
Your first step is to contact us. Let our counselors help you personalize your pet friendly rehab plan. They can also help you verify your insurance coverage so that we can help you pick the right plan for you.
A pet friendly rehab facility may be just what you have been missing in your recovery journey. Give us a call today and let us help you get started.