Couples Rehab

Couples rehab could be a great choice for your recovery if you are currently in a relationship. Getting treatment is important if you have been battling substance abuse addiction. Who better to go through treatment with than your significant other.
Treatment is most likely the only way for you to win your battle with addiction and couples rehab will allow your partner to heal from their own personal conflicts while you heal from yours.
Addiction effects a lot more than the person who is addicted in many cases and the ones with the addiction may be more likely to recover if they do it next to someone they are comfortable around.

What Is Couples Rehab?

Couples rehab shares a lot of similarities with conventional rehab. However, unlike a conventional rehab program you do not have to go through the treatment alone. You have the comfort of your loved one to help you through treatment.
During couples rehab you both have support and tackle whatever problems you face together. Ultimately couples rehab should hopefully make your relationship stronger and is a great option for recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.
What Happens In This Treatment Program
This type of treatment plan allows you to address the underlying causes of your addiction. It may be that something your partner is doing or is not doing that fuels your addiction. You will still be able to work individually with a counsellor much like the conventional plans allow you to.
Attending therapy sessions with your loved one will allow you to learn positive ways to cope with the tough times in your life that trigger your addictions.
Depending on the custom treatment plan designed for you, you may also be able to take advantage of healthy time spent together in a larger group session. Walks, massages, and other Holistic therapy treatments may be available as well to participate in together.

Is Couples Rehab The Right Choice For Me?

If you have a significant other, couples rehab may be perfect for you. It will allow you both to work through your problems and accomplish your recovery goals together. Why should you both struggle to achieve sobriety when you can work towards it with your partner. That extra support from a loved one may be just what you need to win your fight.
The tools and skills you will learn together will hopefully help make your relationship much stronger in the long run. It is also a great time to grow closer and learn each other better. Figuring out how to cope with diversity that may be causing your addiction will be very helpful to you both and you will be more likely not to relapse in the end.

OC Rise Addiction Treatment Makes It Easy To Get Started With Couples Rehab

OC Rise Addiction Treatment is dedicated to assisting you with your couples rehab programs. Just let us know when you are ready to get started.
Our counsellors and staff members specialize in helping you with many different forms of treatment options. We are sure to have the perfect treatment plan to suit both you and your loved ones.
We will need a brief idea of what both you and your partner expect out of your treatment plan and a general idea of who you both are.
Get started now. Why wait?