Alcohol Rehab

We have put together this literature to help clear the air about Alcohol Rehab treatment. If this is your first time going through Alcohol Rehab, then it can be a bit scary for some. While we understand the concerns you might have regarding the treatment, the treatment is still a necessary step in your process of getting sober.
You may be feeling like your addiction to alcohol is overwhelming. Let us assure you that alcohol rehab is a great step towards your recovery no matter how much you may or may not drink.

Who Is Alcohol Rehab For?

Alcohol rehab is a good plan of attack for those individuals who have become dependent on alcohol. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms it may be time for you to reach out for help.
• Dealing with issues at school, home, or work due to alcohol use
• Feeling like you have no control over alcohol use
• Needing more and more alcohol to feel the same effects
• Being unable to stop even if you want to.
• Having cravings due to the use of alcohol

What Should I Expect During Alcohol Rehab?

During rehab you will receive 1 on1 therapy treatment from a counsellor who is a professional at treating alcohol dependency. Alcohol Rehab in a nutshell is you learning how to take back control of your life through intensive care and therapy to that helps you overcome your addiction.
Your counsellors can assist you in finding better ways to deal with underlying conditions that may be the root of your problems with addiction.
You will get the chance to form bonds and friendships with others facing the same problems with alcohol addiction during your time in treatment. These opportunities and group sessions will be helpful in your recovery process. Who knows the bonds and friendships that you form is group therapy may be the people you will trust and rely on in the future when you have questions or weaknesses with your recovery.

What are some choices for my Alcohol Rehab?

Outpatient and Inpatient treatment are your two main choices for Alcohol Rehab. Outpatient treatment will allow you the opportunity to spend your nights at home and attend therapy sessions during the day at our facility. Inpatient care can last up to 3 months or more and requires that you live within our facility full time.
There is a much greater chance for you to relapse during the outpatient treatment process. Your freedom and chances to make poor choices is the reason for the higher chance of relapse unfortunately. It will take a very strong support system from those around you at home to make outpatient treatment successful.
While it is more restrictive, inpatient care is a much better choice for those without support at home and is more likely to be successful in your road to recovery. While taking advantage of our inpatient treatment you can devote all your attention to your recovery without the interruptions and temptations of everyday life.

OC Rise Addiction Treatment Can Assist You In Finding The Perfect Treatment Plan For You

We here at OC Rise Addiction Treatment are dedicated to finding you the help you need whenever you are ready to take that first step.
We will customize an alcohol rehab treatment plan that fits your needs so that you can start working towards your sobriety goals as soon as possible with one of our counsellors or staff members.
When you make the decision to get healthy, please give one of our staff members a call. Our counsellors can find a plan that fits best for you.
We here at OC Rise Addiction Treatment look forward to helping you get started.